Are you listening?

ImageEntering the social media world with your business can be a very exciting yet scary place. While embarking on this new adventure, you may want to make your business presence known on all social media channels but at the end of the day it isn’t about quantity but quality. Think about the resources you have and how you will be able to maintain all the social channels you create. You don’t want to just join to join. You want to have an active presence and that may mean you don’t join them all. To find that quality base of customers, you have to do a lot of listening before talking.

What does it mean to listen on social media? Go out there and see what your competitors are doing and figure out how you can do it better. When you find out where your target audience hangs out, listen to what they are saying through their social channels. You want to push out compelling content that people will engage with and not just look at as another advertising ploy. These days it’s about pulling customers in with your messages instead of pushing on them what you want them to hear. Monitor the conversation happening around your brand to see what people want. Another reason why listening is important is so that you don’t miss conversations being had about your brand. If you don’t engage in that conversation, then you are allowing the customers to speak your message and it might not be the right message or a positive one.

Social media requires a strategy. You wouldn’t start any other big project without a strategy, so why should social media be any different. Know who you want to target and what social channels they use. If the demographic you are after doesn’t participate in Instagram or Pinterest, what is the use in putting your efforts into those areas? A big part of your strategy should be storytelling. It’s how humans connect. Most of the shares I see on Facebook are heartwarming stories. Find stories that can relate to your brand and tell that side of your product instead of the data. Your customers will have more to relate to with that type of post.

Your personal social brand can also play a major role in your life, for instance in obtaining a new job. More and more human resources departments and recruiters are evaluating your social media presence. Some interesting points were made in our readings about resumes being a thing of the past and your Klout score being a major factor in hiring. I don’t agree completely with what was being said. I think the resume will be around a while longer but social media will play a larger role in making or breaking you as a candidate. Job seekers are becoming more and more creative with ways to set them apart and I think short videos will replace cover letters in due time. When it comes to a Klout score being important in the hiring process, I think it has to do with the position. An accountant probably wouldn’t be judged on it like a social media manager would be.

A great way to look at start in social media is to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your social media presence. Not many companies will be an overnight success. If you build it, they will slowly come.

What’s the biggest mistakes you think companies make when starting social media accounts?

Do you see Klout scores becoming more important in the hiring world across all departments or just specific ones?


What you should know about me…

I loved every minute of attending the University of Florida getting my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and I’m excited to be considered to be a UF student again. When having a tough time landing a job after graduation, I secured an internship with the website department at the Ladies Professional Golf Association. I didn’t know anything about websites and not much about golf but I loved sports and the position intrigued me. I set off to Daytona Beach for two month position that ended up landing me a full time job with the LPGA and I’ve been there pretty much ever since. There was a short stint in Miami with the FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship that filled the year between my internship and being hired full time by the LPGA.

I manage the day-to-day operations of a website and several mobile platforms. I incorporate social media in many different ways across these channels. I have the pleasure of promoting the best women golfers in the world. They are not only the best in their sport but they are fantastic role models for young women. I consider myself lucky to be able to spread their message and provide fans of the LPGA the information they seek.

Lily_8702With social media, my experience has been self-taught. I would consider myself a social media addict when it comes to my personal accounts. This degree intrigued me because I could learn more about all the social channels and really get on the forefront of new developments. Working alongside professors and fellow students will also allow me to learn tactics that have already been tried and tested. In the long run this degree will set me a part. A lot of people will say they are social media experts based off what they’ve taught themselves but I will have the academic backing and learning to effectively apply what I’ve learned.

On a personal level my time is spent chasing after my one-year-old daughter. Now that the fall is upon us, my weekends will be filled with nonstop football watching, especially the Gators. When I do get a free moment to myself, I love teaching myself how to sew and take on other crafty projects.